It’s On! Serena’s Cleared To Wear Catsuits On The Court

Everywhere But At The French Open

The great catsuit controversy is over—well, kind of. Memorably, officials at the French Open banned catsuits directly after Serena Williams’ 2018 appearance wearing one, implicitly referring to the Nike-designed black compression suit Williams said made her feel like “a superhero” (it was also worn as a protective measure against post-pregnancy blood clots). According to the French Tennis Federation’s new, stricter dress codes for 2019, more traditional attire is now mandated on their red clay courts.

But as Yahoo! Sports reports (hey, that rhymes!), the Women’s Tennis Association apparently has Serena’s back—along with any other female player who wants to dress similarly.

Releasing their player-related rule changes for 2019 on Tuesday, the association directly addressed the issue of on-court attire.

“Leggings and mid-thigh compression shorts may now be worn with or without a skirt, shorts or dress,” the rule notes.

Say that, WTA.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t reverse the ruling of the FTF, but we’d personally love to see all the female players wearing catsuits and compression shorts throughout next season, in silent protest against the rather discriminatory ruling of FTF president Bernard Giudicelli.

Regardless, we’d like to count this as another win for the GOAT.

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