Inspirational Message “For the World’s Sake” Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Are you losing hope in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic? These days, most people probably are. It is for this reason that author, poet, speaker, and “Giver of Hope, Rhonda G. Mincey, embarked on a project to inspire others and uplift the spirits of people around the world who are facing a seemingly impossible battle with the coronavirus. Mincey wrote a poem entitled “For the World’s Sake” and then created a compelling video for it which can now be viewed at GYUHXHM.

In the video, she narrates about the various situations people are facing right now because of the virus – businesses closing, people experiencing hunger, medical practitioners facing life and death situations, etc. She goes on to pose questions to viewers, one of which asks them what do they plan to do with this “wake-up call” for humanity. She also poses other thought-provoking questions, such as, how are they responding to this situation, and if they will be kinder as a result of it.

According to Mincey, “This lyric video is a labor of love, birthed out of the anguish I felt after seeing the way that so many people are suffering because of this disease. Writing and narrating the poem brought me to tears on several occasions. Out of this tragedy, I used my gift of writing and storytelling to create something beautiful and timely.” It should be noted that Ms. Mincey was the person behind the success of the “Notes of Hope” campaign that was held last December 2019 to celebrate Giving Tuesday. The “Notes of Hope” campaign was launched to give words of hope to people who were struggling to cope with life’s challenges, believing that one heartfelt Note of Hope can “Make someone’s day, and change someone’s life.”

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