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Make Prayer Your Priority

Mama Rachel Thomas
Mama Rachel Thomas

As christians, we are especially interested in prayer. However, many people seem to view prayer as little more than a “divine credit card.” They make a request and hope to receive the answer with “zero money down,” meager time expenditures, and virtually no “sweat equity” (work). While it’s true that prayer is an avenue through which God blesses us (Matt. 7:7- 11), to think prayer is only to meet our needs is to miss the fullness of relationship with God. Much more than reciting a “wish list”, prayer is a conversation between you and God, your Father.

Notice the word, conversation. This word is comprised of two Latin parts: con-meaning “with”, and verse meaning to keep company.” When we combine the two, we see that conversation means to keep company with someone–in this case, God.

There are times in prayer (conversing with God) when we should speak, but there are also times when prayer means listening to His replies. God wants to communicate with us, however; we are frequently inclined to talk more than we listen. To be effective, prayer, like any conversation requires both talking, and listening, and yet another, obedience. SPEAK…. LISTEN….OBEY

Prayer requires obedience. If we are conversing with God, but not obeying Him, then we are not truly surrendering to Him. I have been so misunderstood at times when I relay an assignment to some, that God has given me for them. I am only being obedient to God from what I know He said, but we must grow in Grace. Until we decide to follow His leading, we have not given Him His Rightful Position as God and Lord of our lives. We purposely or inadvertently draw lines in the sands of our lives that put limits on God; even when our time with Him is so sweet, so tender. We sometimes tell God, “NO, DON’T GO ANY FURTHER”…then our communication becomes controlled, and the relationship stifled.

Have you drawn some lines that God is trying to erase? Are there areas in your life that are blocked off to His touch? Let your prayer time be a “surrender time” with God. We can’t afford to limit God in our lives or anyone else’s life—-we need Him too much! In the crunch times, say with JESUS,”… yet not my will, but YOURS BE DONE” (Luke 22:42).

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