“Insight For The Living” By Evangelist Rachel Thomas AWAKE!!!

Rachel Thomas
Rachel Thomas

Make Christ the Center of your life. Put Him first in every thing you do, and get into His presence in prayer unceasingly.

Please read Phil.4:8. Let this verse be the basis of a simple prayer for you throughout the day: Jesus, you are true, honest, just, pure and all lovely. You are my good news.

Paul writes in I Cor. 3:20 God records all your thoughts. He knows every time you think of Him. So give Him all your thoughts. Acknowledge Him all your ways, and He shall direct your path.

Pray throughout the day: Lord have mercy on me, your child who falls short please forgive me. This simple prayer is the oil for your lamp. Praying it daily is how you begin to prepare to meet the Lord. You are telling God, Father, I’m not worthy to be called by your name. I need your Mercy. I realize I’m not what I thought I was or had hoped to be. I need your Grace. I humble myself before you now Lord, have Mercy on me. Let me ask you two final questions: Are you looking for His return? DO you long to see Him?

Repent, and determine to seek Jesus with all your heart mind, soul and strength. He promises that if you do, He will open every door to you.

Let me intercede for you right now- Father, we slip our hands into thine to be governed and guided by Thee. We submit to thy word and thy will. Direct us in thy way through Christ. Make us Father, to be triumphant in temptation, diligent in our duties, persevering in our performances, sincere in our speaking, and Christ like in our character and conduct. In the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ Amen.

God Bless, and keep you Mama Rachel Thomas, God’s Prophetess

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