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Evangelist Rachel Thomas
Evangelist Rachel Thomas

Living your life in and through the Holy Spirit is the best and only way to live. The Bible states, “That the flesh must die.” The flesh killest… but the Spirit lives. We are to crucify flesh so that the Spirit can live. We are to walk in the word of God and in the Spirit of God. No it won’t be easy. Has there ever been anything worthy that has been easy? The word says many are the trials of the righteous but God delivers us out of them all – hey! I am living proof of it and yes – I’m still here! Glory be to God.

I don’t know how much longer but I intend and am determined to live and walk each day in and through the Living Spirit of God and his words. I will Trust in and on God for all of my needs and directions for I will acknowledge Him to direct my path.

He is faithful and true to every word and His will is for us to prosper as our souls prosper. We bring sickness and death by our sins and weaknesses.

God allows it but He wants us to live and not die. The Bible says because of lack of knowledge the people perish. I pray that I would get more and more of God’s word in my heart that I might not sin against Him.

We are living in the last and evil days, and if anyone is wise, we would get closer and closer to God. God said we Must Be Born Again. That is not a request, but an action, a command or we will walk the lake of fire for eternity. As we live and walk in God’s word and in His Spirit, he promises never to leave us, nor forsake us –now to leave us alone is ever true.

He said to his Born Again Saints “I will abide and dwell in you and you in me.” I would rather have Jesus than anything that this world can afford today. Jesus is all I need, He is my life and I desire to live every step through Him on this narrow path.

He is my peace. He is my love. He is my deliverer. He is my joy. He is my companion. He is my light in a dark place. He is my bright and morning star. He is my way maker.

He is All and All to me. I love Him with every inch of my being. He is the Best thing that EVER happened to me. I urge you to walk with Him, talk with Him, Love Him with all you heart and you will find out that it is worth it all.

God Bless and as


I love you!
Mama Rachel


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