Indian Music Concert at Ships of the Sea Museum

Ships of the Sea Museum in cooperation with the India Association of Savannah will present a free concert of North and South Indian music played on the veena and tabla on August 6 at 7 pm under the tent in the Museum garden, featuring Mrs. Vidhya Ramakrishnan and Mr. Ashwin Inamdar. Indian snacks and beverages will be available.

For concert information, call 232 1511 or ; for information on the India Association of Savannah, contact

This concert is the result of a collaboration between two musicians who represent the two main traditions of Indian classical music-the Carnatic music of the South and the Hindustani music of the North.

Both received training in their respective instruments in the very demanding music schools of India, and have continued to develop their skills here in Savannah. Their ninety minute program will consist of duets and solos drawing on classical, devotional and popular themes, and will include some information on the classical music of India as well, making it an event of interest to both those familiar with or just learning about this music tradition.

Mrs. Vidhya Ramakrishnan began studying the veena at the age of nine and completed her Certificate of Higher Studies in South Indian Classical Music at the age of 16. She has taught and given recitals in the Gulf counties, Canada and the US. The veena is an ancient long-necked lute which is over 3000 years old, and capable of very subtle musical expression.

Mr. Ashwin Inamdar began his study of the tabla and Hindustani classical music in the Punjab style at the age of 12 in Mumbai, and has continued to refine his playing over the past fifteen years. He has played as soloist or accompanist in classical, jazz and fusion settings. He is presently a Professor of Animation at SCAD. The tabla consists of a set tuned hand drums capable of an astoundingly wide range of rhythms, tones and effects.

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