Inaugural Celebration Held For Statesboro Mayor Jonathan McCollar

Johnathan McCollar made history becoming Statesboro’s first African American Mayor. Surrounding by family and friends, an inauguration ceremony was held last Saturday in Statesboro.

McCollar defeated the incumbent mayor, Jan Moore, by more than 200 votes last November.

Born and raised in Statesboro and a Graduate of Georgia Southern University, McCollar received his Master’s in Public Administration as well as a bachelor’s degree in history.

Now in office, McCollar will start working toward his campaign promises, starting with the city’s poverty issue and the rise in the number of kids joining gangs. He hopes this will help economic growth in the Statesboro area.

“We are creating a youth development task force so that we will be able to catch these kids before they go out and create the crimes that is creating the environment.”

Inauguration Attendeees
Inauguration Attendeees
“What we see with the growth of poverty within this region, is that the people were moving into this area specifically for a criminal enterprise. And that was a very large red flag, said Mc- Collar.

“He stands on a progressive platform and that’s what I stand for,” said Trent Nesmith. “So that’s why I back him. He’s just a great guy. All around good friend, great family man, loves his kids, loves his community, loves his city. So, I just don’t see how you could choose a better mayor to be honest.”

He currently works as an assistant campus director at Armstrong State University’s Liberty Center.

Family and Friends Celebrate with Mayor Johnathan McCollar
Family and Friends Celebrate with Mayor Johnathan McCollar
McCollar was sworn in on Jan. 2 at Statesboro City Hall.

Mayor and Mrs.Jonathan McCollar
Mayor and Mrs.Jonathan McCollar

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  1. Statesboro has one in office not about entitlement but truly about making the community a better place for all. Mr. McCollar has always been this type of person since high school days. That is why he had so many from SHS come show support!

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