Impressum School of Social Graces


We are so delighted to share the emerging of the NEW Impressum School of Social Graces (Etiquette & Talent) Pooler/Savannah, GA!

Im-press-um: from Latin (noun) “the impressed, engraved, pressed in,” “a legally mandated state of ownership,” “used to give info on the impact something has made”

In their Etiquette & Talent Courses, female students K-12 will learn all forms of proper social grace to include formal and informal table setting, proper sitting and standing posture, skin care, hygiene and professionalism. They also train in modeling and acting. This and so much more is what you can expect to see your child succeed in after just five months. They will end their courses with a Talent & Finishing Ceremony. Register by January 8, 2016 by emailing We “Wow ‘um, we Amaze ‘um and we Impress ‘um” at Impressum School of Social Graces!

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