Impressum School Of Social Graces Spring Academy


When the word “etiquette” is mentioned, many people envision balancing books on your head, sitting down for tea and possibly uncomfortable clothing. At Impressum School of Social Graces, we make manners fun. Not only do we specialize in personal development for young ladies ages five to eighteen, but we also offer talent services to include modeling and acting, in addition to dining etiquette, fitness & nutrition, a spa day and more! Join us for our Spring Academy and receive your very own Impressum tote bag, a makeup kit (lipgloss and eyeshadow,) and the Impressum workbook when you register. Visit or email We have produced polished young women who are confident in their future endeavors and have seen instant success in reaching some of their personal goals. With Impressum School of Social Graces on your side, “Don’t just leave an imprint, Impressum!” More information (912) 398-7972

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