ILN Opens Homeschool Resource Center And Hosts Open House

Jacqueline Voyles, a certified educator and mentor at ILN, and student Patrick Hightower
Jacqueline Voyles, a certified educator and mentor at ILN, and student Patrick Hightower

The Independent Learning Network, Inc. (ILN) will host an open house for the community at its new location, 7160 Hodgson Memorial Drive, Suite 101 (Commonwealth Center), Friday, November 1st from 5:30 p.m.-8 p.m. A ribbon cutting ceremony will be held at the center at 4:00 p.m. ILN has been offering educational services to home-based learners in Coastal Georgia since 2010. As part of its mission, ILN is opening a resource center to support homeschool families. The 1500 sq. ft. center will house a classroom, computer/media room, cooperative learning area, library, and a parent resource room. At the resource center, ILN will continue to offer services to families, including full curriculum plans, tutoring, placement testing, parent teacher workshops, and career readiness. ILN focuses on the whole child and promotes life-long learning and global thinking through personal curriculum planning, individualized instruction, and community programming while inspiring learners and bridging academic gaps. One successful ILN student is Patrick Hightower, who had been homeschooled by his mother since 1st grade, began attending ILN last year after she raised concerns about his lack of progress in math. Patrick didn’t just dislike math, he seemed terrified by it. In September of 2012 Patrick began working with Jacqueline Voyles, a certified educator and mentor at ILN. Devastatingly, Patrick lost his mother a week later. ILN supported Patrick as he coped with his grief, helping him to focus on his studies. Patrick thrived. In March he placed first in the 6-8th grade category for Leopold’s Ice Cream’s annual Creative Writing Challenge. Patrick along with other ILN students is looking forward to the center opening. For more information about ILN email or log onto

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