IJAN Neighborhood Night at the Movies

The May “2nd Friday Neighborhood Night at the Movie” series will present a movie intended to spark discussion on the public debate about gangs and guns in Savannah. This event will take place on Friday, May 10th, 5pm at the W.W. Law Community Center, 909 E. Bolton St. Some of the questions to be discussed are: That is the difference between a gang and a posse? Who defines what a gang is? Remember the young Black men who used to hang out on the corner? Were they always a gang? How does the media influence the way people think about gangs? In light of the fact that young Black people under 13 years-old are twice as likely as their counterparts in the non-Black community to commit suicide, should we address the possession of guns as a public health issue?

Let’s talk. Bring your concerns and suggestions for solutions to these serious issues of gangs and guns in the community.

The monthly 2nd Friday film series, Neighborhood Night at the Movies: Building Unity and Understanding in Community, is sponsored the Imam Jamil, formerly H. Rap Brown, Action Network (IJAN) and the Eastside Neighborhood Association. For more information call 202-907-4443. All ages are welcome. Light refreshments will be served.

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