I Am Back!

Evan. Rachel Thomas
Evan. Rachel Thomas

Happy New Year everyone! I don’t know if you missed me or not, but I sure did miss you in Spirit. I have had three visits to the hospital but thanks to our Great, Great, wonderful and Awesome God, I AM BACK! I went in the first time on Mother’s day and had to stay eleven days because I had a heart attack. The four doctors said it was congested heart failure, and one doctor said that he was about to put in a catheter but he saw that I did not need it! Praise Be To God My Saviour! That was about a few days before our citywide outreach was to start to reach the Lost in Savannah. I had never missed a day in 26 years and I told my God that I did not want to miss this one this time. I hear God speak to me in a still small voice saying, “This was a test! Immediately my heart and soul filled with Joy because I knew that I had passed the test!! Hallelujah! So I went out every day during our 27th year and we reached 17,500 people in on River Street and the worst crime areas in Savannah. There were some unusual experiences this past year also but to God be the Glory always! Someone called the police on us one day on River Street. The people did not know that we are working with the police and I ended up hugging the police after talking with them and they went away.

After the outreach, my body started jerking uncontrollably and my sons took me to the Emergency Room. They found that my electrolytes were unbalanced and they put a shot of some fluid in my arm and gave me some pills to take if needed. My third time was the 17th of December when my sons had to call an ambulance because I was calling their names, but I could not see them and they were standing there near me. I remember being in a dark room (the ambulance) and I saw a door frame but no one was with me. Then I saw white all around me. I was at the hospital but did not see anyone. Something happened and I saw my son, Anthony and he stayed with me. A nurse came in and spoke to me and I understood some of what she was saying. They told me that my sugar count went down to 28, another miracle from God. They kept me there nine days and released me on Christmas Day. They released me with the flu and I had to stay in bed at home with the flu until January 7. But to God be the Glory I am completely well now. Thank God. Everyone was wearing masks at the hospital and I did not know why. Then they gave me a new box of masks to take home. Finally, I found out that they put me on a floor with only cancer patients because the hospital was full!! God Is My Healer! God Is My Deliverer. God Is My Saviour –Yes He Is! Yes He Is!! I have been writing for the paper 32 years! I Am Back, You All! I Am Back! God bless you always with my love, Mama Rachel Thomas

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