Hurricane Dorian Slams The Bahamas With 170 MPH Winds

Gov. Brian Kemp Holds Press Conference on Mandatory Evacuation

Category 5: Slow-moving Hurricane Dorian continued to pound the Bahamas on Monday morning.. It’s the strongest storm anywhere on the planet this year.

The US: Residents on the southern US east coast have been warned to prepare for hurricane-force winds, though forecasts vary about when and where it may make landfall, from Florida to the Carolinas.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp issued mandatory evacuations for counties east of I-95 which includes Bryan, Camden, Chatham, Glynn, Liberty and McIntosh counties.

Local and state transportation agencies began the westerly contraflow on I-16 at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 3.

Savannah Chatham County Public School System announced school closures through Friday, September 6th. . Due to the uncertainty of Hurricane Dorian, when and where it will hit land, residents are advised to stay in touch with media, as situations change.

Gov. Kemp thanked the local elected officials and their team of disaster relief workers. He expressed the severity of the massive hurricane Dorian.


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