Humor & Hoopla For Grown-ups

Thrift store hosts comedic game show for Savannah-area faithful.

For the cost of a single donated item, fun-loving grown-ups can enjoy a night out full of laughs. The Blessingdales thrift store, at 6 Television Circle, is transforming its spacious furniture area into a comfy theatre for one night a month. The Blessingdales store is a critical source of support for

the Living Vine maternity home and this regular event will raise its profile in the community. Couples, friends, and family members are all encouraged to try out this new evening activity beginning on Thursday, January 11th,

The comedy lineup includes local comedians

Bill Cooper, Melanie Garcia, Rabbi Robert Haas, Garrett Huxford, and Jerry Seltzer. Musical duet Ezer will accompany the crowd games with live music.

For more information connect with Secondhand Laughs on Facebook.

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