How to Lose Weight, It’s Easy!

Carolyn Guilford, CNC
Carolyn Guilford, CNC

When I meet someone new, or am introduced in a group as a nutritionist, invariably I am asked “well, can you help me lose weight?” When I say that “losing weight is easy”, I can see them turn away as start looking for an escape route.

The fact is losing weight is easy, it is the easiest part of lifestyle management and health restoration. The hard part is making up ones mind to make the necessary changes.

I find however that most persons talking about losing weight are secretly still looking and waiting for that miracle pill, or potion, that will peel the weight off, without any effort on their part, and in a week. And then, they can go off to the mall, for that brand new wardrobe. Today, there still is no weight loss miracle. The way to lose weight begins with: Understanding that not everyone is meant to be a size 6 or 8. Many persons look at others and think “ I want to look like THAT”.

Well, we are all different, and can not and will not be like some one else. We need to be a healthy size and weight, with a protective layer of fat, and enough water in the body for proper fluid balance and lubrication of joints and organs. We need a healthy view of ourselves and a layer of acceptance of who we are.

Keep a record of what you are eating. What we eat are the building blocks of our health and strength. Protein, carbohydrates, fats and phytonutrients, and the right amount of water.

Keeping a record is keeping an awareness of the choices we’ve made to give our body the best nutrients possible for the work it needs to do. Access your reasons for eating foods that keep you from reaching your goal. Every thing we do and done for some benefit to us.

Many times we keep doing the same things, even when the benefit is no longer a benefit to us. That is called HABIT. Reassessing why we do what we do can really help us move forward in life to do great things for ourselves and for others. That is a good thing. (During nursing school, my study group went to Shoney’s and Spanky’s almost everyday for fried chicken fingers and French fries. It served a purpose then, and now we are all over it!)

Find ways to manage the stress that does not involve eating. During stressful times we let our guard down, pretend we’re hopeless while we eat –that thing we want, name your weakness here _______. We need a plan for managing stress. So that when the stressful event happens we are ready to pull something from our bag of tricks. Planning, is all it takes. Do you have a hobby? What do you like to do?. Sew, read, walk, go to the library, museum, park, go for a ride?

Know something you like that can get your mind off the current madness, and on to something that makes you smile. What about that friend you meant to check on, or the cards you were going to send? The trick is to set your mind on something else. So, for how to lose weight there is no secret, and no miracle. Eat smaller meals, with more fruits and vegetables and less meat. More fish.

Eat fewer sweets. Desert once a week, not every day. Eat at home more. Drink water with meals, save calories by avoiding sugar laidened sodas and juice drinks. Exercise. You knew that was in the mix. Just find one you like and get with it. And, go to bed early for more sleep, and more restful sleep. Sleep has so many benefits. Including regulating hormones insulin and cortisol which assist with fat loss. But of course you already knew all of this. We’ve always known it. It is the only way.

If you are still in denial, wait on for the secret miracle and continue to risk your life. If you’d like more information on creating a lifestyle of health, or joining the Health Restoration program please call me at 912 236-8987 for a Free Consultation.

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