How To Have A Powerful Relationship With God

Evan. Rachel Thomas
Evan. Rachel Thomas

I would say to pray daily – have a holy hour or more with God, and this fellowship can grow into a personal relationship with the Lord to know him more intimately. Since 1974 in December God began this relationship for us, and He is still doing it-waking me very, very, early before dawn, and calling me aside three and four times a year for our relationship which last from three up to nineteen days so far, and they are quite awesome!

Why pray? I say to fellowship, and to have a close relationship with God because He desires for us to draw near to know Him, and His will for our lives. Why pray? How do we learn to pray? What is prayer? What does prayer mean to you? What is prayerlessnesss? How do we deal with sin? Why don’t we get our prayers answered? 12 steps on how to have a Holy hour We will discuss and give example in my own life. 1. confession 2. praise 3. waiting 4. the word 5. intercession 6. petition 7. thanksgiving 8. singing 9. mediation 10. listening 11. praying the word 12. writing what God says

2) What is prayer? What does prayer mean to you? A way to get to know God personally, intimately, and for you-(having a personal relationship with God. Then lets look at what prayerlessness is Less than the father desires Less than that we ourselves know Praylessness is a sin, not just a weakness. Many scriptures command Christians to pray. 1 Thes. 5:17 Prayerlessness leaves the door open for all other sin. Mark 14:38 How do we deal with sin? By repenting, confession, forgiveness and cleansing.

3) Why don’t we get our prayers answered? 1. We do not pray (James 4:2) 2. We pray selfishly 3. We pray for show (Matt 6:5- 7) 4. We pray without faith (Luke 11:5-10) 5. We do not qualify (James 5:16) 6. We have unconfessed sins (Ps. 66: 18) 7. We aren’t diligent (James 5:16) 8. We don’t expect to get prayers answered (Matt 9:29)

There are 12 steps on how to have a Holy Hourlet’s speak on each part. Step 1- Confession – Sin is the greatest roadblock to prayer. Early in your prayer time confess – agree with God about your sin (Ps. 139:23,24 Ps. 51:10 John 1:9) Step 2 – Praise – Praising God for who and what He is 1. Goodness 2. Patience 3. Love 4. Wisdom 5. Greatness 6. Knowledge 7. Power 8. Holiness 9. Glory 10. Grace Ps. 63:3 – Ps. 34:1-3 Step 3 – Simply waiting on God- no talking, no thinking, being quiet in God’s presence Ps. 37:7 Isa. 40:31 The word- rest in the word in Hebrew means (be still in the land) Step 4 – The word – When we pray we are speaking to god. When we read god’s work, he is speaking to us, also from His word to our Spirit by the Holy Spirit.

Step 5 – Intercession/ Supplication What is Intercession? (Praying for others) It is love on its knees, you should have a list of names on others for you to uphold in prayer. Supplication is urgent praying for others 1 Tim 2:1,2 Psalm 28 Step 6 – Involves petition – asking God for self. There is nothing wrong with asking God for personal needs and check them off as God answers prayer. Matt 7:7 James 4:2 Step 7 – Thanksgiving. It is very important to thank God – What is the difference between thanksgiving and praise? Praise is the pouring out of the heart in adoration to God, while thanksgiving is simply enumerating those things for which we are grateful. We need to thank God for what He has done 1. Spiritual blessing 2. physical blessing 3. Material possession 4. People phil 4:6, Ps 100:4 Step 8 – singing – singing scripture back to the land is one of the highest forms of worship and praise. There are many. Step 9 – Meditation – what is the difference between meditating and waiting? When waiting on God, the mind is very active, pondering spiritual things. Joshua 1:8 (Ps. 1: 1-2) Step 10 – Listening- Why is this the most important part? Because we are listening for that still small voice of God. It is good to wait for specific orders concerning activities for that or long range plans of God. Ecc. 5:2 1 Kings 19: 11-12 Step 11 – Psalms What does reading or speaking the word back to God means – God must stand by His word, which is true – He can not go back on any of his promises because He said that all His promises are yea and amen- — The book of Ps. Is full of personal prayers. 95:2 147: 1 Step 12 – Write what God speaks to you from his word and praise Him. We begin our prayer time with praise and end our prayer time with praise. This step is extremely important. Ps. 150: 1 Ps. 50:23

The one concern of the devil is to keep Christians from praying. He fears nothing from prayerless studies, prayerless work, and prayerless religion. He laughs at our toils, mocks at our wisdom, but trembles when we pray. I say this to you – don’t just get a life, get a prayer life! AMEN!

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