How To Be

Evangelist Rachel Thomas
Evangelist Rachel Thomas

Be SILENT when anger stirs your heart, don’t speak the word that sends the dart or add a burden to some soul: Add to your faith that selfcontrol. Be Silent

Be PATIENT when everything goes wrong and Satan tries to steal your song: let the peace of God keep mind and heart And every needful grace impart. Be Patient

Be KIND when folk don’t understand and friends misjudge on every hand: Let your yielding be known, Remembering that you’re not your own. Be Kind

Be READY always to extend a helping hand to foe and friend Jesus prayed for those whose hateCaused Him to die without the gate. Be Ready

Be FAITHFUL, plow and sow the seed by steady plod and loving deed: though others may not know the cost, God knows your labor, ‘tis not lost. Be Faithful

Be JOYFUL in the Lord, don’t frown though all the world seems upside down: neither circumstance nor place makes any changes in His grace. Be Joyful Be WATCHING, unceasing watch and pray; be on your guard each passing day. He’s coming, coming very soon, It may be Midnight, morn or

noon-Be Watching, Be

Watching! Compliments of
Rachel Thomas

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