C. MeGill Brown
C. MeGill Brown

Whenever we think about the word “hostage” the first thing that comes to mind is some journalist in a foreign country being held by an evil dictator, or some radical extremist group. But I want to take a moment and shed the light on a new kind of hostage, right here in our city. There are seniors that are afraid to leave their homes because of the recreational drug activity that plagues their doorsteps. Can you imagine being trapped in the one place we have always been taught is safe (home), and now finding yourself a prisoner because of the fear of stray bullets, robberies, or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time?

This problem is not limited to just our seniors, for there are mothers that can’t allow their children to play outside because drug dealers have opened shop on their block. Is this a problem for the police department, or is there more we can do as a community of people?

If you permit me to do so, I recommend the following: it would take a balance of continued support from our local law enforcements, and intense involvement from our church and community. Drugs are limited to the same retail challenges as everything else, “supply and demand.” Together we have to make it very uncomfortable for the pusher to work his entrepreneur skills on our corners.

Imagine if Metro Police along with five Pastors and their congregations, and the members of an infected neighborhood hit the corners during the major distribution times? How long would it take for those dealers to realize I need to find a new corner? The dope man will find a new piece of real estate, and then we will run him from that corner as well.

It is only when we are unified and consistent in our approach, that we can regain control of our streets. I pray this appeal is not taken as just vain words, but we are committed to bring about change. Give me a call, or drop me an email so we can identify these trouble areas and free these hostages. We will not negotiate with terrorists neither foreign, nor domestic. ~C. MeGill Brown

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