Hospice Savannah Honors Volunteers

Sally Mandel and Joe Marcus
Sally Mandel and Joe Marcus

Each year Hospice Savannah, Inc. thanks its 200-plus volunteers during November which is National Hospice and Palliative Care Month. This year they celebrated with a “Dancing with the Stars” theme.

Brave dance couples included the handsome Joe Marcus (Homecare Volunteer) and the nimble Sally Mandel (Administrative Volunteer) who waltzed to Artie Shaw’s “Stardust;” the beautiful Mindy Yates (Director of Hospice House) and the dashing Stewart Ford (Hospice House volunteer) who twisted to Chubby Checker’s “Let’s Twist Again; ” and the winning dance team of Jamey Espina (the energetic Director of Community Services) and the sultry Suzy Willis (usually disguised as Henry, the Hospice Savannah Hound).

In addition to hoursof service certificates, Volunteer of the Year awards were given to Hospice House Music Volunteer Kelly Bianco for her dedication to the patient and family sing-alongs; to Bereavement Volunteer Lydia Harris for her compassionate follow-up with bereaved families; to Suzy Willis for her enthusiastic community outreach as Henry, the Hospice Savannah Hound; to lead Pet Peace of Mind Volunteer Chuck Jones for his work in keeping patients and their pets together; and to Administrative Volunteer Betty Mallot for her reliable and dedicated hard work in the main offices on Chatham Parkway.

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