Honors Bestowed Upon Dr. Joseph N. Bell

Dr. Joseph N. Bell pictured at event held in his honor
Dr. Joseph N. Bell pictured at event held in his honor

A professional educator who has devoted more than 30 years representing and advocating for teachers and leading the pact to broaden respect for education is Honoree Dr. Joseph N. Bell. Dr. Bell has not only spent a great deal of his life serving educators, he has consistently encouraged and contributed to the education of young people in Savannah and surrounding areas. His assistance, whether it has been scholarship, encouragement or other support, has made a lasting impression on students and parents. Additionally, his assistance has been impacted by his commitment to better the lives of young people through post-secondary studies at Shaw University.

Through his compassion and quest to provide educational opportunities to young people, more than 100 students have matriculated at Shaw University in Raleigh, NC with financial, spiritual, and moral support from Dr. Bell. He has demonstrated heroism and taken many students under his wings to ensure they reach their greatest potential. Dr. Bell provides leadership to Shaw University as Vice President of the Board of Trustees. He spends a great deal of time ensuring that the students at Shaw University are astute scholars, matriculating and preparing to become productive citizens within our society. Because of his humble support, Joe Bell Scholars have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, teachers, technology specialist, business owners, business executives and much, much more. He has provided guidance and has been blessed with the desire to share his love of education with students who so richly deserve the opportunity to further their education. Students are afforded the opportunity to pursue their goals, aspiration, and dreams because of him.

Dr. Bell was honored on March 17, 2012 for his unrelenting educational work with students and educators. Many Joe Bell Scholars attended or sent well wishes to the celebration from all over the U.S. His longtime friend and Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Shaw University, Attorney Willie E. Gary of Stuart, Florida moved the packed audience with his rousing speech on “Be Careful How You Treat People.”

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