Holy Ghost Celebration

Rev. James Savage
Rev. James Savage

On Sunday March 10th at Bethesda Early Missionary Baptist Church located at 1325 E. 31st where Rev. James Savage is Pastor Sunday School will begin at 1:45. Also, that Sunday evening at Our Holy Ghost Communion Service will begin at 3pm with the Pastor Rev. James Savage Presenting the Message.

Don’t miss this great Holy Ghost Celebrating for our pastor Rev. James Savage 33rd Pastor Anniversary which will begin March 13th through March 17 nightly at the church at 7:30. The celebration will culminate on Sunday March 17th at 4pm.

The churches in charge of each nigh are as followed:

Wednesday night at 7:30pm

The Victory Prayer Synagogue with there pastor Apostle E. Chisholm. Thursday night at 7:30pm the Peaceful Zion Baptist Church with there Pastor Rev. Robert Thorpe

Friday night at 7:30 the St. Matthews Baptist Church and there Pastor Rev. Samuel Robinson Sunday Evening at 4pm the Mt. Olivet Baptist Church along side the Rose of Shorn Baptist Church.

The public is invited to attend these events.

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