Holiday Fire Safety Tips

Most home fires are preventable. There have been just two house or business fires since the holiday season began November 15 – a November 17 refrigerator fire on Adair Street and a fire at a buffet restaurant on Eisenhower Drive. Address the potential fire hazards inside your home and workplace to stay Savannah Fire Safe during the holiday season:


• More than one-third of
home decoration fires are
started by candles
• Many decoration fires occur when decor is too close
to a heat source
• Blow out lit candles when
you leave the room or go to
• Turn off all light strings
and electrical decorations
before leaving home or going to bed
• Use decorations that are
flame-resistant or flame retardant

• Keep lit candles away from
decorations and other things
that can burn
• Read manufacturer’s
guidelines. Some lights are
not meant for both indoor
and outdoor use
• Replace lights with worn
or broken cords or loose
bulb connections.
• Test smoke alarms and
share your home fire escape
plan with guests
• Keep children and pets
away from lit candles
• Keep matches and lighters
up high, in a locked cabinet,
and away from children
• Smoke outside. Use large
deep ashtrays. Wet cigarette
butts before disposing in
non-flammable containers
• Cooking is the leading
cause of home fires and injuries • Clean up food and grease
spills before using the stove
• Stay in the kitchen when
food is cooking
• Keep curtains, paper products, wooden utensils and
kitchen towels away from
the stove
• Don’t sit groceries on the
• When food is on the stove,
keep pot handles facing inward • Grease smokes before it
burns. When frying, turn off
the burner if the grease gets
• Use turkey fryers on a flat
surface outdoors, at least 10
feet away from structures
and anything flammable.
• Completely thaw and dry
your turkey before frying.
• Don’t leave the house
while the food is baking. Set
timers and frequently check
• Keep children and pets at
least three feet away from
the stove. Don’t hold babies
while tending to food in the
oven or on the stovetop
• Prevent burns. Keep away
from hot food, liquids and
• Keep knives and electrical
appliance cords out of the
reach of children.
• Keep the kitchen and
dining room floor clear of
spills, toys, bags, pets and
children to avoid tripping
while handling hot food
• Never cook while sleepy or

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