History Of Mother’s Day


I t’s hard to imagine that there was ever a time people didn’t devote the second Sunday of May to celebrating their mothers. But that was exactly the case before May 9, 1914.

Enter Woodrow Wilson. On that day, the nation’s president signed a bill recognizing Mother’s Day as a national holiday. Flash forward 100 years later, and the special day has become ingrained into our society as a positive affirmtion of love and appreciation for moms everywhere. How exactly did Mother’s Day get its start? What led to the calling for Wilson to mark the day with an official holiday?

According to the National Women’s History Project, writer Julia Ward Howe first suggested the need for a Mother’s Day to be implemented into the United States’ culture. She did so in 1872, calling for mothers to rally together for peace. She even put together an annual Mother’s Day meeting in Boston for moms everywhere to gather. A few decades later, Anna Jarvis began a nationwide campaign for observance of Mother’s Day. Jarvis was interested in honoring her late mother, who was a community health advocate.

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to devote your time, express your love , and make known your appreciation for the mothers in your life. Gift ideas include a homemade card with a special written tribute, a certificate for a spa message, or a photo album filled with special photos. Whatever the gift, be sure to tell her Happy Mother’s Day!

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