History in Herstory: Thesis Exhibition by Graduate Candidate, Ida Irby


Hello to my mentors, community supporters, Savannah College of Art and Design graduate staff; and The Savannah Tribune readers. Allow me to introduce my self and invite you to my Thesis Show:

I am a graduate candidate in the Master of Fine Arts program at the Savannah College of Art and Design. It is my pleasure to invite you to my thesis exhibition titled History in Herstory. The paintings will be on exhibition at Sulfur Studio in Savannah, GA, February 25-28, 12-5pm.

For those of you who are not in the Savannah area, but would be interested in seeing my work, visit idamaemade.com or email me for a Google Drive link of the full collection.

This collection began in 2010, after i deployed from Afghanistan. The milestones achieved by women in the past 10 years became a catalyst to the work I am doing today. My goal has been to elevate the experience and legacy of American heroines. Beyond communicating the militarism of an individual, I connect to each work as we are all one patriotic unit. Her story is my story. Herstory is history.


Visit idamaemade.com to preview select works from my thesis show.

Ida Mae Irby is a Mississippi artist who was given her grandmother’s name: Ida Mae. She is known for her detailed style and the way she chronicles each stage of her life through the arts. She signs her name Ida Mae, but above all she leaves her signature mark making in each material to show the process and execution of materials explored. For 8 years, Ida Mae served in the Army. She knew that her creative spirit could flourish as a photojournalist. She used a keen eye to document the Soldiers in war and rigorous training. In training she captured angles that showed the essence of her subject. It could be seen that her love for lighting and composition was captured in each image. In Ida Mae’s studio, her social projects range from exploring the humble origins of small farms, minimal living and history of women in the armed forces.

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