Historic Memorandum Signed

Marie Johns
Marie Johns

The U. S. Small Business Administration and U.S. Black Chamber Inc., signed a historic, Strategic Alliance Memorandum during the recent White House Business Leaders Briefing: “Celebrating Our Business Leaders – A Day with the Top 100 African American Business Owners in America.” The Briefing, which took place at the White House, featured top African American business owners from across the country and Senior White House and Obama Administration officials, who discussed how the Administration is impacting key issues of concern within the business community, and how businesses can partner with the Obama Administration in the future. The strategic alliance was highlighted during the “Arm Chair Conversation” on “Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and African American Businesses.” The discussion featured SBA Deputy Administrator, Marie Johns, USBC President and CEO, Ron Busby, and Senior Vice President/Editor-in- Chief, Derek Dingle, who discussed a number of issues relating to small Black business, including the FY 2011 Federal Procurement Scorecard, how to strengthen relationships with Small Business Development Centers, financial institutions, and how best to leverage SBA resources. In addition, they discussed potential ways to enhance efforts to grow Black businesses based on USBC’s Five Pillars of Service: Advocacy, Access to Capital, Contracting, Entrepreneur Training, and Chamber Development.

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