Hickman Announces Bid for 5th District Chatham County Commission

Warren Hickman
Warren Hickman

Warren has been a resident of Savannah’s 5th District for 52 years! He was born in Ridgeland, SC.

“ We should move forward on issues that affect development of a Trade Center Convention Hotel, and encourage the state for additional funding to see it through. I would support all efforts to expand Tatemville Community Center and projects that strengthen communities,” Hickman said. “I think that my field in the travel and tourism business allows me to strengthen the commission greatly with vision and perspective. The Chatham Commission should be mindful of SPLOST Projects and secure Projects that truly benefit this community, especially as it relates to jobs and the business community.”

Warren has completed coursework while in the military as well as at SSU, Savannah Tech, and the University of Phoenix. Most of his career has been dedicated to the fields of aviation, transportation and tourism. Currently, he is the general manager and cofounder of K-Shuttle of Kelley Tours. He runs the company’s transportation services at Savannah International Airport, with offices in Hilton Head and Garden City. He also serves as member of Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce, the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce, and Tourism Leadership Council of Savannah. He holds several Red Cross certifications, and participated with the Red Cross in Louisiana during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

He worked as field organizer and deputy director for the Obama Campaign in 2008, supervising the efforts of more than 100 volunteers to get President Obama elected to office.

After the campaign, he served as a Vice-Chair of CCDC. In November 2010, he worked with the Coordinated Campaign of the DPG to facilitate GOTV activities for this important mid-term election.Warren wants to be Alderman for District 5 because of “ business and family.” Warren is the father of four children.

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