Help Us Save the Kiah House Museum

Kiah House Museum
Kiah House Museum

The Center for the Study of African and African Diaspora Museums and Communities –Hue-Man Research Institute for Museum Anthropology will hold a meeting on Saturday, April 30, 2016 at Savannah State University, Elmore Theatre, King-Frazier Student Center from 2-4pm.

Savannah State University Professor of anthropology, Dr. Deborah Johnson-Simon is also the Founder and CEO of the Center for the Study of African and African Diaspora Museums and Communities (CFSAADMC). This organization is a research institute dedicated to studying Black Museums worldwide. Since they set up headquarters in Savannah members have continued to conduct research for case studies on the participants of the 1983 Blacks in Museums Directory published by African American Museums Association (AAMA) and the Smithsonian. However, the primary focus for Dr. Johnson-Simon became one particular participant, the Kiah Museum and its founders Mrs. Virginia Jackson Kiah and her husband Savannah State professor and Dean of Education Dr. Calvin L. Kiah. A year ago the CFSAADMC welcomed Savannah’s Friends of the Kiah Museum as one of its research departments to conduct studies for historic preservation of the building including oral histories for a documentary. New Hue-Man president Damion Wynn attended the Cuyler Brownville Neighborhood Association Meeting this month and learned that the Association was also concerned about the building at 505 W. 36th Street. He issued a plea for the young people to schedule an event before the semester ends to begin the efforts to help save this landmark. City of Savannah Property Management supervisor for Cuyler Brownville, Ms. Cynthia Knight will be our special guest for this event. Mr. Wynn said

“The main emphasis of the work of the CFSAADMC Friends of the Kiah Museum is to gather the stories surrounding the Kiah Museum, its founders and the Cuyler Brownville community.

This is an urgent cry to be proactive as an organization and people who are interested in the preservation of African American museums and the communities that are served by them. The CFSAADMC and its new youth organization the Hue-Man Research Institute is dedicated to this effort.” Do You Have a Kiah Story? If you do please come out on April 30th students in the new Hue-Man Research Institute are collecting stories about your experiences with this museum and its founders. We’re also looking for photos, news articles, comments and concerns about the building’s current state. Become a Friend Help Us Save This Important Savannah Landmark. All are welcomed. This event is free and open to the public.

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