Healthy Savannah Opens New Office

Paula Kreissler Director of Healthy Living.
Paula Kreissler Director of Healthy Living.

Healthy Savannah Inc. recently announced that they have relocated to a renovated office space at 1301 Lincoln Street, Unit A, in the historic downtown district of Savannah, GA.

The new space will allow Healthy Savannah to base their community initiatives out of a centralized location in Savannah. Healthy Savannah will use this office to organize and create a collaborative network that identifies and shares resources, collect and disseminate information to promote healthy practices, support innovative community programs, and advocate for effective policies to support these initiatives.

Healthy Savannah is located in the same building as Savannah Bicycle Campaign and Georgia Bikes, an organization dedicated to improving bicycling facilities and promoting bicycling throughout Georgia.

John Bennett, Executive Director of the Savannah Bicycle Campaign said, “The building was constructed as a Standard Oil gas station in 1926. I like the idea that a space that was originally built as a piece of auto infrastructure is now encouraging people to engage in active transportation.”

The Savannah Bicycle

Campaign is encouraging citizens to engage in active transportation by creating a program to recondition donated bicycles at the new location. The program encourages citizens to use bicycles by partnering with social service agencies and other community organizations to find citizens who need bicycles for transportation.

The Healthy Savannah Initiative, on behalf of the YMCA of Coastal Georgia, has been awarded $150,000 in grant funding, as a part of a three year program from the Healthcare Georgia Foundation to fight childhood obesity. Healthy Savannah is driving efforts to expand and strengthen existing community-based collaborations and partnerships, reduce behavioral and environmental risk factors among under-served individuals and communities, and expand or develop community awareness and health promotion campaigns. The collation’s goal is to help citizens participate in physical activity and consume a nutritious, balanced diet.

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