Healthy Savannah Launches Free 10-Week L.E.A.N. Community Challenge

Healthy Savannah launches the L.E.A.N. Community Challenge. A FREE 10-week community wide fitness and weight loss challenged focused on healthy lifestyle changes. Teams are forming now. The Chatham County obesity rate stands at 29%. Residents can join and positively impact their health.

Currently Chatham County has a 29% Obesity Rate: Physical inactivity is costing our community $1518 per person per year. This equates to over $325 Million annually: – $88M in medical costs; nearly $1 million in Workers Comp and $235 M in lost productivity – this is in Chatham County.

If 1000 players join this challenge, get active and remain active it can save our community $1,518,000 annually L.E.A.N Community Challenge – Four Pillars: Leadership, Exercise, Activity, Nutrition

Teams are forming now. L.E.A.N. has a goal of 250 teams from the community, public, private, big and small organizations. Four to six members per team is 1000-1500 players. So far, over 30 teams have signed up. There will be nutrition educational events, workout and other physical activities sponsored by local organizations throughout the 10-week challenge. Registration is open now at

September 15th – Proctored Weigh-ins begin

September 24th – Registration Ends and Weigh-In’s Completed

September 25th – Competition Begins

October and November – Kick-off Party, Nutrition Education events, and Physical Activity events sponsored by local organizations

December 4th – Competition Ends

December 7th NOONWrap up Party at Forsyth Park – after the ENMARK Bridge Run and in conjunction with the Forsyth Farmers Market – prizes awarded to top teams and players, including a scavenger hunt featuring our prize sponsors!

Healthy Savannah is a coalition of businesses, nonprofits, healthcare agencies, governments, schools and neighborhoods and is an initiative of former City of Savannah Mayor Otis Johnson formed in 2007. It is a public/private collaboration of over 100 organizations in our community. Healthy Savannah is committed to leading and supporting healthy lifestyles in Savannah.

The Healthy Savannah LEAN Community Challenge is free and open to the public. or or contact Paula Kreissler 912.272.9494 for more information.

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