Healthpac CEO Invited To Help Steer Accreditation Process For Medical Billing Industry

Buddy Claborn
Buddy Claborn

Savannah’s Buddy Claborn, founder and CEO of Healthpac, has accepted an invitation to serve on the board of directors of the Healthcare Administrative Technology Association (HATA) and will be on the front lines of the efforts to reduce the cost of healthcare in the United States through greater administrative efficiencies.

The accreditation guidelines and requirements are currently being developed through a partnership between the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC) and the Electronic Data Interchange with the goal of forming a universal benchmark across the industry to establish a level of trust for medical practices and other healthcare providers who have the overwhelming task of choosing practice management systems vendors. Claborn’s Savannah-based company, Healthpac, has been invited to be a beta-tester for the certification process being created, and Claborn has also been asked to serve on the advisory board for EHNAC.

“Hopefully, I will be able to have an influence on the creation of the certification standards, particularly for specialty products in specific medical fields, as well as help define what it will mean to be certified,” said Claborn, who has previously been honored as the National Healthcare Billing Software vendor of the year by the Healthcare Billing and Management Association.

HATA is a recently launched not-for-profit organization dedicated to representing the practice management systems industry that includes more than 600 providers offering a variety of technology solutions to healthcare professionals and practices. Claborn has been a pioneer in the medical billing software community since founding Healthpac in 1981 and currently provides comprehensive medical billing and practice management solutions and support services to medical professionals, practices and partners throughout the United States. Go to to learn more about the Healthcare Administrative Technology Association

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