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Carolyn Guilford, CNC
Carolyn Guilford, CNC

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Oh how we look forward to the holidays. Here in Savannah, it really begins with the fair, at the end of October. All the fried this and that, the alligator tails, hot dogs and cotton candy. Then we prepare for Thanksgiving’s big gatherings of family and friends. Food to no end. Every imaginable goodie, all the cakes that is each family members’ favorite, and the pies too. I’m already hearing about the special order pecan pies and red velvet cakes. Next is Christmas, which in many families looks like a re-run of Thanksgiving’s family tradition.

In some families, it is hard to take the emphasis off the food, and, to make the occasion more about the love of family and friends. Over the years, we’ve learned to celebrate with food. I too value the company and conversations, and the treats and sweets at the dining table. Two of my very favorites are the dressing with cranberry sauce and the sweet potato pie.

But, I know folk whose ‘very favorites’ are the second helpings of each and every item on the table. I caution, don’t let that be you!

Too many times, we see food and eat without thinking. Before you go to the big holiday dinner, or party or other gathering where there will be mountains of food, have a plan.

Have a plan to save your health and your life. Big meals, throughout the holidays, with and without alcohol, lead many persons with high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease, to a full-on stroke or heart attack. So, having a plan is important. Don’t get carried away with the excitement of the season. Rest before the event, meditate, shower or have a relaxing bath. Put your feet up and listen to some relaxing music. If this gets too good to you, you might change your mind about going after all.

Plan to eat before you leave home. Have a good meal, not a lot of food, but good food. And think about what you’ll have at the party. Distinguish between the good for you, and the not good for you. I like to circle the table, see what’s there, and then get a plate and go back, and get what you want in moderate portions.

Go easy on the fats, sweets and alcohol. Fats clog your arteries, sweets can send you into diabetic crisis, and the alcohol can ruin the event for everyone.

If you are really not hungry, get a salad to eat, and just enjoy the fabulous company, decorations, the conversations, and take lots of photos. Keep a glass of water handy, or acquaint yourself with a bottle of sparkling water. Include lemon or lime, and enjoy.

If you are hosting, think about a drink dispenser filled with filtered water and your favorite greens, fruit, or berries floating and looking beautiful, as it adds a wonderful flavor, and no calories. It proves to be a great conversation starter.

Speaking of conversations, is there someone at the party you want to reconnect with, or get caught-up with? Take some time away from the crowd, and take a walk around the block. Away from the fuss and noise, too really talk. Just a few minutes can make a wonderful difference in the relationship.

Remember, you are always in control, don’t let the events be all about the food. Go, enjoy, talk, and have fun. Reconnect with old friends, meet some new ones, and don’t put your health at risk at party time.

Remember, Health is a choice, Your Choice.

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