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Carolyn Guilford, CNC
Carolyn Guilford, CNC

Good nutrition is the key to life. Nutrition consulting saves lives. Our clients are thriving and surviving Cancer Diabetes Heart Disease and More. Call,… find out how we can help YOU.

In our culture of wide spread illnesses: diabetes, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and so many other chronic diseases, we are missing the greatest opportunity to help our selves to better health.

The root of all disease process is the lack of the proper nutrition. Nutrients in the foods we eat are for the purpose of advancing the immune system, and to create an environment able to fight off all enemies. Infections, parasites, diseases, tumors, all enemies. However, today’s food is grown in soil which is depleted of nutrients; which is the best reason to eat only organic.

Some say the cost is prohibitive, yet we are the sickest of all nations, with the shortest life span, and the most deaths from chronic disease, and complications of chronic disease.

Add to this the love of commercialized, man made fast foods and the story of our poor health is easy to understand. We are eating junk. Junk is defined as foods devoid of the nutrients that sustain life, health, and allow healing and replenishing to take place. Understanding the role food plays in our health and life – to nourish the body and the organs in the body – is the beginning of wellness.

Today, we will eat anything if it’s free. We forget that this living, breathing, organism needs nutrients that come from the soil.

Good food is grown in good soil, but today, we don’t know a lot about where the food we eat comes from. We want quick, instant, and cheap. And the cheaper it is the better we like it. This is the source of disease in our families, not because Dad or Granddad had it, that door can be closed just as soon as we decide to close it.

We dress up the outside, and the inside goes to disease. Daily I’ll speak with someone who is making the choice to take better care of the body outside, dressing to impress, with the designer wardrobe, nails and make-up, and getting the hair done weekly. Fine suits and driving the car of his dreams, with landscaping for the beautiful home, while the most important component, the human body, is in the shop (the hospital), or at the doctors’ office with a big bag of pills, all for the lack of proper care.

We have simply got to make our personal health our primary consideration. No one can care more about your health than YOU.

So, what is the key to reclaiming your health? Eating the right foods, taking the right supplements, drinking the right water in the right amounts, exercise you enjoy, getting to sleep early, connecting with God, and detoxifying the body and the home.

In a nutshell, this is how the Health Restoration 101 program guides you back to a state of wonderful, blissful health. Are You Ready?

Remember, Health is a choice, Your Choice. If you have questions you’d like answered or If you would like to purchase the book, attend the class: Grocery Shopping 101, or if you are ready to create a life you really can enjoy, call Health Restoration Consulting at (912) 236-8987 Health Restoration Consulting P. O. Box 2814, Savannah, GA


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