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Nutrition is the key to a healthy life. It is time to get the right information about what health is, and what constitutes a healthy choice. I bring to clients the newest and best information on how to stop the progression of illness, and where possible to reverse illness. We have been able to bring considerable, measurable results in nearly 100 percent of clients. We can help you, too!Call me, and lets talk about Your Health!

There is a cure for poor health; chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and obesity. Kidney failure, degenerative joint disease and back pain and low energy and migraines.

There was a time, long ago, when we all ate locally grown, organic, whole foods, meat and milk from grass fed, well treated animals. Today, we know less and less about the foods we eat: where they’ve come from and the conditions under which they were grown. And, sadly too, what happened on the way to the table.

There is a cure for disconnected families, and the child who are seeking his place in the world. It is the family oriented environment. The parent who is present, listening to his concerns and questions. Present, to teach honor and respect, to explain and hold accountable, the child, in love. Time, is what our children are missing. Time, with a loving parent.

Not time with things, toys, TV, games, texting on cell phones and being with ‘the wrong crowd’.

We have crossed into a lifestyle highly stressed, and stretched. So, we try to make up for it by making sacrifices which many times, do more harm.

Think about your lifestyle. Does this sound like you, or someone you know? Up early, getting ready for the day. Work (long hours or a stress filled job), errands, kids to shuttle around to activities, makes for a full day, and full of stress. Tired, coming home, still more to do, and, what about dinner. Drive thru again, or, how about pizza? Home work, meetings, and phone calls and our favorite shows on TV.

Creating a successful, healthy and productive lifestyle means creating a plan that works for you and your family. Planning for the things that are important to you. Your goals in life, with an eye to the future, requires planning.. Your future, the future of your business, your home, and family. Now, what about your health, and your children?

Making good food choices; clean, healthy, locally grown veggies and fruits. Lean, grass fed meats, in moderation, lots of wild caught fish, taken home and cooked, and served at the table. This plan can help relieve and prevent high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and much, much more.

Everyone together, preparing and cooking together, eating the same foods and discussing the day, can solve more problems than you’d believe. It just sounds too simple. Eating healthy foods, sitting together as a family, talking and sharing helps to create the family bond. And, the nurturing of developing children.

One of the main contributors to obesity in children is their lack of activity; sitting in school, later at home, the computer, games, and TV, eating fast foods, packaged and processed chips and cookies, too many sweets. All junk foods, and not enough fresh, off the tree (vine) fruits, and nuts.

The next contributor is lack of parental attention. The child who has no direction, and is detached emotionally from his parents is lost and bored.

Attending to a young child can help the parent zero in on the child’s interest and start the early focusing to explore something that could become great in his life. Which then leaves no time for being bored, and looking for unproductive ways to be entertained.

Make the decision to shop for healthy foods, cook at home, and eat at the table together. This one thing, being present and involved in the lives of each member of the family can change your life and the family dynamics, for good.

Being healthy is all about making healthy choices.

Carolyn Guilford is a former Critical Care Nurse, certified in Cardiology and Hematology. She consults on Diabetes and Cancer Nutrition, having matriculated the NBCCF’s Project LEAD, AASU, GSU, University of Kansas, NIH, and has earned National Certification in Nutrition consulting and wellness. Carolyn can be contacted via: www.Health-Restorationconsulting. com Health Restoration Consulting P.O. Box 2814, Savannah, GA 31402 or call (912) 236-8987

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