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Everyone is forever looking for ways to have lovely, soft, flawless skin. Billions of dollars are made and spent annually in search of the right cream, wash, scrub, facial and regimen which will reveal the secret.

In talking with some teens recently, the question came up. The answers however, where not what they wanted to hear. In fact one sweet 16 teen asked “Isn’t there a cream for that?” Sorry, no cream or other applied-to-the-outside remedy can replace what is needed on the inside.

As I told them, beautiful skin comes from with in. So here are the easy and fool-proof steps to overcome any acne problems. Any person, any age, any where.

Water, water, and more water. Water is the ultimate detox agent. Water flushes, dilutes, purifies and is essential for all the bodies processes. Doctors never write a prescription for water yet it can treat allergies, asthma, depression, high blood pressure, diabetes, headaches, chronic fatigue, colitis, alcohol dependency, lower back pain, neck pain and so much more. Drink one half your bodies weight in ounces of water, daily.

Give up milk, it is nature’s perfect food — yes, if you are a calf. Our bodies just weren’t made to digest cow’s milk, 75% of humans are allergic to milk. A majority of acne cases, as well as many other skin blemishes, are caused by food allergies, like milk.

Go for low glycemic foods. Sugar, liquid calories, and flour products all drive up insulin levels and cause pimples. Acne is a sign of inflammation. Eating more fresh veggies and fruits are where the antioxidants and antiinflammatories are.

Getting the 8 to 13 servings per day of these foods will produce beauty from the inside out. Switch to the good fats. Make sure your diet is filled with the anti-inflammatory fats from krill oil, evening primrose or cod liver oil, as a supplement, and cook with coconut oil.

Eating foods that correct the underlying cause of problems such as nuts, dark leafy veggies, berries, and spices like ginger and turmeric, drinking green tea, and eat omega 3- enhanced eggs.

Everyone needs a whole food multi supplement daily, but for beautiful skin add zinc citrate, 30 mg. per day. Also, additional Vitamins such as Vitamin A for 3 months -(Take 25,000 IU a day) are essential. Check with your doctor if you are pregnant, and Vitamin E (take 400 IU a day as mixed tocopherols,). Vitamin D3 as cod liver oil, krill oil or flax seeds aid in beautifuls skin if taken daily. These simple tips will deliver you glowing, beautiful skin, the envy of all your peers as your skin blossoms into complete loveliness. You’ll see!

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