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The Problem with Chicken Wings


As part of the American culture, we’ve learned to love food that is quick, easy and cheap. This is, however, not a good way to select the food that nourishes our bodies. It is crucial to preserve body in which we seek to enjoy life, nurture our family, care for our home and community and worship our Savior.

Food that is quick, easy and cheap has inherent problems we’d rather not know about. We slather on the sauce and console ourselves that it tastes so good. It goes down well with our favorite television show, game or team, friendly conversation, soda, or another round of beer.

In a special report the Atlanta Constitution did on the poultry industry, 84 federal poultry inspectors were interviewed, 81 said that thousands of birds tainted or stained with feces, which a decade ago would have been condemned, are now rinsed and sold daily. Seventy-five of the inspectors said that thousands of diseased birds pass from the processing lines to the stores, every day and that the poultry plants often salvage meat – cutting away visibly diseased or contaminated sections – and sell the rest as packaged wings, legs or breasts. This practice is so unhealthy and the meat so un-fit for human consumption it is hardly even believable. However, when profit is involved, believe it.

When processing plants realize consumers will eat anything, then they sell anything, and pocket the profit. They realize consumers purchase cost and taste. And, there are enough chemically produced flavors to create any ‘taste’ you want, and will cover the taste and smell of decay, mold and the filth.

You would think the wings are healthier, wouldn’t you? Not according to studies by Dean Ornish, M.D. In a fiveyear follow-up of patients on his popular vegetarian plan for reversing heart disease, he compared patients on the chicken and fish diet recommended by the American Heart Association, and found that the majority of the American Heart Associations’ diet plan followers became progressively worse.

Plant foods contain no cholesterol but animal products always do. For every one (1%) percent increase in cholesterol levels, heart attack risks rises by two percent. For every 100 milligrams of cholesterol in the daily diet; the typical amount in a four-ounce serving of either beef or chicken, one’s cholesterol level typically zooms up five points. And, did you know that as you cut away the fat, the cholesterol is actually concentrated in the lean parts of the meat?

The combination of fat, protein, hormones and other carcinogens found in cooked chicken creates higher risks for colon cancer. Chicken wings not only give you a load of fat you don’t want, but many carcinogens from creatine, amino acids and sugars in poultry and other meats, are produced during cooking.

These are the same chemicals found in tobacco smoke, and are fifteen times more concentrated in grilled chicken than beef, and factor into the many reasons meat-eaters have much higher colon cancer rates, compared to vegetarians.

Chicken wings are mostly fat, and just like in humans and other animals, most of the toxins are stored in the fat.

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