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Nutrition is the key to a healthy life. It is time to get the right information about what health is, and what constitutes a healthy choice. I bring to clients the newest and best information on how to stop the progression of illness, and where possible to reverse illness. We have been able to bring considerable, measurable results in nearly 100 percent of clients. We can help you, too! Call me, let’s talk about your health!

As you may well know, the kidneys are part of the body’s filtering system, where toxins are picked up by the circulatory system, carried to the kidneys to be removed from the body. This is important for maintaining our overall health.

High blood pressure, and high blood sugar are two of the main causes of kidney disease which makes kidney failure a lifestyle disease, totally preventable by diet.

Eating lots of acid producing foods such as micro-waved foods, tap water, boxed or instant foods, chips, processed foods, soft drinks, artificial sweeteners, meats, and also many prescription and over-the-counter drugs tax the liver and, in turn, the kidneys.

In the presence of a poor diet, eventually the kidneys become over burdened by the heavy toxic load. To help with the filtering process, the heart increases the flow of blood plasma to the kidneys, which in turn elevates blood pressure.

As the kidney cells die, the risk of kidney disease increases dramatically. End stage kidney disease occurs when about 90 percent of kidney function has been lost. People with kidney failure may experience nausea, vomiting, weakness, fatigue, confusion, difficulty concentrating and loss of appetite.

The right foods prevent heart disease and diabetes, and therefore prevent kidney failure. Also today there is clear evidence that a vegetarian diet free of chemicals and artificial ingredients can actually reverse kidney disease and thereby circumvent kidney failure.

In order to restore healthy kidney function, we eliminate as much toxic acid waste from the body as possible. This is a real detox, which allows the kidneys to rest, and with proper feeding, to regenerate.

The alkalinizing diet will re-balance the body’s pH level, which is the beginning of restoring health. The vegetarian diet, vegetable juices and the right combination of supplements will neutralize the acids and dissolve any kidney stones, and any clumps before becoming stones.

What to eat: Eat only organic, naturally grown foods, mostly raw. Cooked veggies should only be lightly sautéed in coconut oil and seasoned with herbs and spices, Sea Salt and pepper. (no salt substitutes, nothing with chemicals). Try adding more beans, and unsalted nuts, seeds, and organic almond butter to your diet.. Fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies, nothing artificial, no meat, milk, chicken, deli meats, no pork.

For the smoothies, use almond milk or rice milk, organic carrot juice or organic apple juice with frozen fruits and fresh cut and washed veggies. Make up your own recipes using only fresh organic ingredients.

Eat wild caught fish, fruit salads, green leafy salads and no pickles.

Drink bottled purified and filtered water, tea made at home, no sugar and no artificial sweeteners. Have a glass of organic cranberry juice daily to disinfect the bladder to discourage infections. ( and empty the bladder as needed, no holding). Eat at home, no eating out until your body is healed!!!. It seems extreme, but it works. Is your health worth the work? Remember, Health is a Choice!,

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Carolyn Guilford is a former Critical Care Nurse, certified in Cardiology and Hematology. She consults on Diabetes and Cancer Nutrition, having matriculated the NBCCF’s Project LEAD, AASU, GSU, University of Kansas, NIH, and has earned National Certification in Nutrition consulting and wellness. Carolyn can be contacted via: www.Health-Restoration-consulting. com

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