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What We Need to Know About Meat


Nutrition is the key to a healthy life. It is time to get the right information about what health is, and what constitutes a healthy choice. I bring to clients the newest and best information on how to stop the progression of illness, and where possible to reverse illness. We have been able to bring considerable, measurable results in nearly 100 percent of clients. We can help you, too! Call me, and lets talk about Your Health.

As we go forward into Women’s Heart Month, let’s delve into a relatively new fruit. It is the much over looked fruit of the pomegranate tree, and is one of the best fruits for a healthy heart.Choosing healthier proteins like fish and fowl, nuts, beans and green leafy veggies, will reduce your risk of heart disease according to Adam Bernstein of Harvard School of Public health in Boston.

Today, we know that meat as we recognize it (in this country), is one of the major causes of disease and disability in this period of time. More and more meat is associated with heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

The way that animals are grown, fed, and slaughtered, and brought to the table, all contribute to the poor health of millions of persons. Many agree that these growing practices are highly mechanized resulting in cheap meats, deficient in nutrients and filled with chemicals. They are grown for profit by feeding and diet of mostly corn, which causes illness and then injecting with antibiotics. This is wholly a poor practice, and really bad for the persons who eventually eat it. In other words, grown for profit, not for the health of the consumer.

Bernstein said “you don’t need to have hot dogs, hamburger, bologna, or pastrami, which are all fresh or processed meats”. The processing practice to cure meat, is filled with additional chemicals which preserve the ‘freshness’ of the meat with cancer causing toxins.

Eating meat causes excessive uric acid in the blood which causes gout, and other problems like gallstones, and kidney stones, and also liver disease and can lead to kidney failure. Research shows that meat eaters eat less of the better foods that protect against chronic diseases.

Replacing red meat, and cured meats with more whole grains, beans, peas, nuts, and green leafy veggies is just a healthier way to live. And, don’t think that pork is the ‘other white meat’, it is more unhealthy than red meat.

Some seem to think that if they give up meat, they won’t get sufficient protein, however that just is not so.

As we approach spring and summertime, this is a perfect time to consider a change for the better. Suppose you gave up meat, just for the summer, ate more fish, ate more fresh fruit, and see what happens. Also, if health is what you are aiming for, add more purified water and less sugar to your over all program.

However, if giving it up for the whole summer, think about skipping meat for one or two days, per week. The less meat you eat, the greater the gift of health you give to your body.

Remember, Health is a Choice!

Carolyn Guilford is a former Critical Care Nurse, certified in Cardiology and Hematology. She consults on Diabetes and Cancer Nutrition, having matriculated the NBCCF’s Project LEAD, AASU, GSU, University of Kansas, NIH, and has earned National Certification in Nutrition consulting and wellness. Carolyn can be contacted via: www.Health-Restoration-consulting. com Health Restoration Consulting

P.O. Box 2814,

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