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12 Steps To Healthier Eating


How about an easy 12 step healthy eating program. 12 Steps to eating healthier, and creating a healthier future.

This is great for any person, at any age. It can only buildup your immune system, strengthen your body systems and help to balance your hormones. So, what have you got to lose?

You can bet these are all my favorites. If you find something here that you really don’t like, give it a try anyway, it might be the best thing you ever did. And, if you try them, you may just find that you love each one as well. And, I’d like to know, so email me or call and tell me.

So, let’s get started. Pick one, any one you like, to start. Or challenge yourself and start with the one you think will be the hardest, and jump in. Try it for a week, and then modify, if need be. Make it part of your permanent plan, and then add each week one new step. Building toward better health.

12 Steps to healthier eating:

1. Make drinking water, green or white tea a habit. And make it yourself. No buying it. No more sodas. This is an early decision you can make easily and feel really good about.

2. If you have not, switch to 100% whole grain bread, and try pumpernickel.

3. Switch to Almond milk or Rice milk for your cereal, or for whatever you are using milk for, including making your own hot chocolate.

4. Buy only organic cereal, but Still read the ingredients.

5. Cut out red meat. Eat more fish. Poached, baked, broiled, (occasionally fried).

6. Enjoy vegetarian meals at least 3 times per week.

7. Make a fruit smoothie, adding in some leafy greens like spinach or kale, and some veggie protein, every day. Use frozen fruit and enjoy.

8. Have (at least) three veggies at lunch and at dinner. With veggies you can always eat more, to be satisfied. Include a salad of fresh greens with each meal.

9. Have fresh fruit as dessert, baked, broiled, or grilled. Search for recipes.

10. Skip the chips and dips and enjoy nuts, frozen grapes and berries, or pop corn. If you really are addicted to chips and dips take the time and learn to make healthy versions at home. Start with pita bread for chips and make a great spinach dip.

11. Ideally, you want to complete any eating before 7 PM. While you adjust to this new routine, have a small fruit smoothie after dinner, if you are still hungry.

12. Love pizza, and eating out. Next time have a veggie pizza. For that rare occasion when you want to go out to eat, with friends, and wonder “what will I have?”. This is it. And, have a salad with it.

Ok, I know that starting a new program can be difficult, but building on these steps can make it easy and fun and the success is built in.

Remember, Health is a Choice!

Contact Carolyn Guilford, nutritionist and wellness advocate at P O Box 2814 -Savannah, GA 31402, or call 912 236-8987. Visit Her books are also available on in Kindle format.

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