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The Magic Touch

Carolyn Guilford, CNC
Carolyn Guilford, CNC

During my tenure with the Southern Community Cohort Study, I met in Jacksonville a woman who lives in Alabama, who travels to Atlanta quarterly, for a massage. The Healing Touch. It took a while for me to get my mind around that whole concept, but finally I did. I thought about this because she called the other night, and in our long conversation, reminded me why she’s on her way to Atlanta, and invited me to join her there.

She tells me that there is this place, were the masseuse wraps you in a warm towel, massages you with warm oil, treats you as though you are the only woman left on earth for him to work his magic on, for one complete hour. Then afterward, she returns to the hotel for a nap, fully relaxed, and later enjoys dinner with friends, at her favorite place.

My friend tells me that after this body work, she feels that she’s been repaired from all the misery she’s endured (physically and emotionally). WOW! Talk about a way to relax!.

In our busy, bustling and effervescent lives, running about, to and from appointments, meetings, libraries, airports, church events, hunched over the computer, and who knows what else we are doing on a daily basis, we certainly need some fabulous relaxation time.

Even a change after hibernating with the doors locked and the phone unplugged, trying to complete an assignment on time. Working out every day, doing the stretches every morning and in the evenings, is a great thing. Wholly beneficial for lessening the tension, strengthening the body, energizing us and even increasing circulation and balance. This is an absolute ‘must do’ to some degree.

Ahhh, but a massage is the ultimate in de-stressing. Great for the neck, shoulders, arms, back, legs and feet. Especially, after so much work. Yard work, house work, work work, not to mention the soreness from when you fell down the steps or twisted your foot on the dance floor.

Massage is therapy also often used in the care of patients with cancer and for survivors. The relaxation it provides as well as the reduction of both symptoms and side effects of the treatment is phenomenal. Also massage is used as a remedy to help reduce pain, swelling, fatigue, nausea, and depression, or to improve the function of the immune system.

Massage is a great way to heal the stresses of the body and the mind. Relaxing the muscles relaxes the mind. And, if you put your all into it, with some great music, you can even get your inner spirit healed, (from all the foolishness).

We have long known the importance of the healing touch for babies. That if they are not touched and loved, they ‘fail to thrive’. How children who are not touched lovingly don’t socialize well, and may even develop health issues. Adults likewise, who miss the needed touch, tend to become grumpy, difficult or depressed. We too, can fail to thrive without the healing touch.

Certainly, we can massage ourselves with oils and lotions, and it is effective and necessary, but limited. Just so you know, massage is beneficial also for back pain, headaches, osteoarthritis, and anxiety. Not sure, ask your doctor.

I have always believed that having something to look forward to increases our life’s joy. So, why not plan a fun, uplifting event with friends, to include a spa day with a massage.

Having a little something stashed away for happy occasions (not just emergencies), is just one of the ways to show gratitude for living a rich and abundant life in a rich and abundant country. Remember, Health is a Choice

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