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Inflammation Inside

Carolyn Guilford, CNC
Carolyn Guilford, CNC

Research shows that high levels of inflammation in the body contributes to so many of the chronic diseases we face today. Diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancers, arthritis and

Alzheimer’s and premature aging.

Some scientists’ say it is the cause!

So many of the foods we select regularly tend to fuel tumor growth, are proinflammatory, and are like gasoline to a fire, due to the high content of omega-6 fatty acids. A group of fats found primarily in animal products, processed foods, processed oils, and hydrogenated fats used in fast foods and other ‘shelf stable’ packaged foods. These are the foods that hurt.

We know what inflammation is; when we bang our finger with the hammer, first the pain, and then the swelling, redness and throbbing. Signals from the immune system, sending its solders to the battle front, healing has begun. Or for a cut, it starts the clotting process and healing is started.

Chronic inflammation, however, due to poor diet, is epidemic in our culture. This low-grade chronic inflammation tends to destroy balance in the body. When our body’s systems experience this constant inflammatory response, we become susceptible to premature aging and disease. Body fat produces a great number of hormones, but also stores toxins, (certainly, this is not a good mix). Our hormones need a clean environment for their complex work, and the toxins we eat, have a lot of trouble finding their way out of the body.

Our cultural move today, to this new way of eating, the fast food diet, high in animal protein, high in processed foods, (foods that hurt), not enough fresh veggies, too much sugar, has set the conditions that cause our genes (DNA), to become triggers for illness, rather than supportive of our health. This, along with a sedentary lifestyle and unmanaged constant stress, is key to an un-happy, unhealthy, un-fulfilled life.

Start each Health Restoration effort by correcting the diet first, then the lifestyle. Only then will you be ready to ramp-up your program with additional therapies, to enhance and complete the process.

Commit to eating the best diet – a healing diet, learn to manage stress effectively, get sufficient restful sleep, spend at least fifteen minutes daily, in the sun for the vitamin D3, exercise 3 or more times each week, and drink enough clean water. This is the recipe for health and happiness. It is the only recipe the body is able to fully respond to in order to maintain or regain health and wellbeing.

By lowering your dependence on animal proteins; milk, meat, and cheese, processed refined white flour and sugars. Also, preserved foods in boxes, micro waved foods, chemical additives in foods and in general foods of unknown origin, should always be avoided, along with drinks with added sugar and or artificial sweeteners and artificial flavors and colors. These are the specific food products that cause chronic inflammation, leading to heart disease, diabetes, cancer and more.

If you are interested in more information on how to create a healing diet for your body, your life, join me on Sunday, May 27th for a workshop at Bull Street Library in Savannah, 4PM in the Auditorium for a film and talk. Come and bring your questions.

Remember, Health is a Choice!

To contact Carolyn Guilford, You may email: Carolyn@healthRestorati

Or call 912 236-8987

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