Hawk Enrichment Center

Dear Community Partner,

Currently the Hawk Enrichment Center is preparing for our Annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner 2020, on November 25th from 12pm to 3pm. The purpose of this letter is that we are seeking community partners for this event.

The Hawk Enrichment Center goal is to minister to individuals by meeting their needs through serving our Annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner in our community.

This is our 12th year as we look to expand the vision of serving our Annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner in our Community, we need your help, to make this happen. We are asking that your church/ individuals in the community/business to collaborate with us. This can be done by making a monetary donation, to our cause, volunteers, or dinner items, or volunteering to serve or deliver meals. Every day we encounter working families or seniors on a fixed income that are struggling to either pay their light bill or provided food. We also are looking for individuals to work the following areas, Hiltonia, Oliver, Newington, Rockford Georgia. In these areas you are responsible for making sure that meals are delivered. Churches or any organizations wishing to work with us please call Chris Thomas at 912 329 2071

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