Having A Happy Heart

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Carolyn Guilford, CNC
Carolyn Guilford, CNC

We hear that ‘we are what we eat’, but did you know that what you eat can impact your heart and brain in multiple ways?

Not just the strength and rhythm of the heart and the health of the arteries and valves. What about our feelings of self worth, our memory and even our sense of happiness and joy?

Mental health problems such as depression can cause so much suffering and become totally debilitating, characterized by low self esteem, moodiness, a general sense of unhappiness and the loss of joyfulness in life. Have you been in a low mood for a short time and after a change of scenery, or an encounter with a friend, were able to get back to your regular self with a positive outlook? Good for you.

But consider the person who spends years in a fog of sadness; frustrated, sullen, grim and all efforts to lift their spirits seem to fail ?

A change of diet could hold the answer. Certain nutrients are known to lift depression, and to increase our overall feelings of well being.

Likewise, studies show that as we eat more fast foods, processed foods, nutrient deficient foods, sugar laden foods the more at risk we are for blood pressure and blood sugar problems.

These foods along with caffeine and alcohol can cause actual physical stress to the body. Raising the stress hormones, causing lethargy, insomnia, dehydration and even more problems.

Dr. Rossella Liperoti and her colleagues at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome, Italy, explains that the omega-3 fatty acids, and the DHA acids are the most common polyunsaturated fatty acids in the brain.

And work to regulate cell membrane, and to maintain proper levels of dopamine and serotonin levels, as increasing evidence shows, low levels are associated with several disorders including major depression, depressed mood or postpartum depression.

The omega3’s are found in fatty fish like salmon, herring, mackerel, anchovies and sardines, also in flax seeds and walnuts and is definitely a great addition to a healthy diet. A diet of fresh in-season veggies and fruits, fish, beans, whole grains, and red wine in moderation, is associated with long life and great health.

The traditional American diet, however, holds the key to heart disease, diabetes and cancers of all types, and a good reason to change.

Medication is certainly appropriate in some cases, as untreated depression may lead to serious life threatening problems, even suicide.

However, changing the families diet in this way, to a more nutritious way of eating, creates a happy heart and mind, and sets the stage for a wonderful outcome, because what is good for the heart is good for the brain. Remember, Health is a Choice!

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