Harold Oglesby, RRT, RCP Wins Statewide Hospital Hero Award

GHA President Earl Rogers (L) and St. Joseph’s/Candler’s Harold Oglesby (R)
GHA President Earl Rogers (L) and St. Joseph’s/Candler’s Harold Oglesby (R)

St. Joseph’s/Candler Respiratory Therapy Manager Harold Oglesby, RRT, RCP, was awarded the prestigious Georgia Hospital Heroes Award at the Georgia Hospital Association’s (GHA) annual Hospital Heroes Awards luncheon Dec. 10 in Atlanta.

Oglesby, who was one of only 10 individuals statewide to receive the award, was recognized for his tireless dedication to respiratory therapy patients.

Oglesby has been an inspiration to his co-workers ever since he began work at the hospital 25 years ago. He has a true passion for respiratory therapy and what it means to care for patients whose very life breath is in jeopardy. He often comes in to work during his off hours when the staff needs him, to work the night shift or the weekend shift to ensure patients are provided the best care.

His commitment to helping others goes well beyond the hospital into the community, says Paul P. Hinchey, President & CEO of St. Joseph’s/Candler. “He goes on Medical Missions trips to Guatemala which is great example of him putting his faith in practice. He is a fantastic role-model for so many people,” Hinchey said.

Oglesby goes above and beyond to ensure patient safety and quality of care, an example of which can be seen in his care for patients on patient-controlled analgesia. These patients, who administer their own pain relief, are at risk of respiratory depression, which is when not enough breaths are being taken to provide adequate ventilation to the lungs. To reduce this risk, Oglesby works with end-tidal carbon dioxide concentration in the expired air (ETCO2), which is a special way of monitoring breathing for these patients and prevents harmful events.

Oglesby’s commitment to helping others goes beyond the hospital into the community. He is the health and wellness chairman for the 100 Black Men of Savannah and organizes monthly professional mixer events for the organization. He lectures to youth in the 100 Black Men of Savannah Youth Leadership as well as the Medical Explorers Summer Camp, a program in which teens visit the hospital and learn about the health care profession. He also works with many under-privileged youth and children in the community in hopes that they will grow up to be caring, responsible, successful adults.

“Harold Oglesby’s dedication to his staff and patients is remarkable,” said GHA President Earl V. Rogers. “His caring attitude and constant strive to put patients first make him a most deserving recipient of this award.” GHA’s Hospital Heroes Awards are presented every year to 10 individuals who display outstanding service to the healthcare field; in addition, one individual is presented with a Lifetime Achievement award, signifying at least 30 years of service.

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