GSW Victory; Sunday’s Highlights


Defeating the Cavaliers for the second time during game two, the Warriors are slowly but surely destroying the very notion that King James can’t be stopped. By the latter half of the second quarter, Warriors were up by 12 and the game was virtually decided.

GSW shot 54% from the field and 45% from the 3-point line. Cleveland continues to struggle offensively, only scoring 77 points while shooting 22% from the 3-point line. This is the same team who broke GSW’s record for most 3 pointers made in a game in the eastern conference semifinals against the Atlanta Hawks. Cleveland’s big 3 struggle again, combining for 34 points, and Kevin Love leaving the game in the 2nd quarter with a concussion.

Steph Curry and Klay Thompson once again weren’t necessary as Draymond Green dominated the court, bucketing an impressive 28 including five 3 pointers with 7 rebounds and five assists. GSW’s bench, again, dominated Cleveland’s and appears to be the clear superior team despite Cleveland being at full strength.

Game 3 will be Wednesday in Cleveland where the Cavs face an almost inevitable series loss if they go down 0-3. If Lebron James is still the NBA’s “King”, he’ll have to prove it. If Irving and Love are the All-Stars they’ve been known to be, they’ll have to play a full productive game for the first time this series.

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