Groves High Students to Graduate from Dual Enrollment Program

Joshua Scott, Leonard Taylor and Derrick Isabell will graduate from the CISCO program on May 5.
Joshua Scott, Leonard Taylor and Derrick Isabell will graduate from the CISCO program on May 5.

Three Groves High School seniors will be participating in two graduation ceremonies this school year.

Before Joshua Scott, Leonard Taylor and Derrick Isabell receive high school diplomas in June, they will earn a Technical Certificate of Credit in CISCO networking through dual enrollment with Savannah Technical College and Woodville- Tompkins Technical Career Institute.

The three teens started in the CISCO program at Woodville-Tompkins and completed the latter portion at Savannah Technical College’s White Bluff Campus with Mrs. Berthenia Williams, Director of the CISCO Regional Networking Academy at

Savannah Technical College. The CISCO Networking Academy strives to provide students worldwide with the IT and networking skills needed to succeed in the global economy.

“This is a good certification to have,” says Leonard Taylor. “It’s given me a head start and in this economy, that is really important.” “It’s really cool to be able to use what I learn in the CISCO program at home to handle all kinds of IT issues,” says Joshua Scott.

While the young men are confident that they have acquired useful job skills, all three have committed to continuing their education in the fields of IT and networking.

They are currently preparing for the CCNA and CTNA CISCO certification exams. “Even though I’m starting college in the fall, it’s nice to know that with the skills I’ve learned in the CISCO program, I could make a great living right now,” says Derrick Isabell.

Woodville-Tompkins provides traditional high school students with skills that benefit them as they transition into postsecondary education or a career path.

Students take the majority of their core classes at their home campus and selected career pathway classes at Woodville- Tompkins.

CISCO Networking is one of several pathways available.

The three students will become the first graduates of the CISCO program May 5, 2009.

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