Greco Model Ships Exhibit To Be Featured At Massie Heritage Center

On Friday, July 25, 2014, Massie Heritage Center will host a birthday commemoration for M. Gerard Greco in honor of his unparalleled craftsmanship in the replication of some of the world’s most famous ships. This event will take place at 4:00pm and will showcase the developing Maritime Heritage Exhibit at the Massie Heritage Center featuring the donated Greco collection.

When finished, the collection will intrigue and amaze visitors, while at the same time, provide an enriched

Social Studies curriculum experience for the students of Savannah-Chatham Public Schools. As such, the exhibit will be more than just a display of masterful replicas, but will also impart a broader historical theme extending to Savannah’s rich maritime history that has shaped our city, especially economically and commercially. The exhibit will also provide the foundation for lessons central to the valuable historic industries that have helped make Savannah a monumental port city

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