Grant Inducted Into The Hall of Fame for “Distinguished Business”

Odessa Grant, Owner of a Touch of Afrika Boutique in Savannah,
Odessa Grant, Owner of a Touch of Afrika Boutique in Savannah,

Savannah State University Foundation held their 2016 Hall of Fame Ceremony and Recognition of 2016-17 Student Scholarship Recipients on Saturday, August 27, 2016 at the King-Frazier Ballroom.

Mrs. Odessa Grant, owner of A Touch of Afrika boutique located on Sunset Blvd. was among those inducted into the Hall of Fame for “Distinguished Business”. In the fall of 1995, after working as a designer and seamstress out of her home for more than 10 years, Grant launched “A Touch of Afrika” boutique. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Mrs. Odessa was in management at some of the more upscale retail establishments in Savannah, business such as Globe Shoe Company and the renowned Fine’s Department Store. Odessa Grant was certainly a trailblazer, as she was one of the first African-American females to work in retail on Broughton Store. Mrs. Grant has a deep and abiding love and concern for the Savannah community. She has often been involved in various community outreach initiatives. From 1194 until 2004 Mrs. Grant designed and made the African ceremonial garments for the Housing Authority of Savannah’;s Annual Umoja Rites of Passage Ceremony. She was also a part of the Rite of Passage Council of Elders andas a member of the Council, she often facilitated wisdom gathering session for the young female participants. Mrs. Grand also donates prom gowns for young ladies who would otherwise not be able to afford to attend the prom Odessa often facilitates fashion shows and cultural awareness activities throughout the community. Mrs. Odessa Grand is truly a fashion diva and a true community change agent.

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