Governor Kemp Signs Dangerous Six-Week Abortion Ban

Planned Parenthood Southeast Prepares to Litigate the Unconstitutional Law
Staci Fox
Staci Fox

Last Tuesday, Georgia became the fourth state this year to ban abortion before most women even know they are pregnant. The bill, which passed by one vote and sparked widespread opposition from business leaders, the film and entertainment industry, and activists across all parts of Georgians, was signed into law by Governor Brian Kemp . More than 300 Georgia business leaders spoke out publicly against the ban. Hundreds of Georgia citizens packed the halls of the State Capitol for weeks on end. The medical community came out in united opposition to HB 481. The $9 billion Georgia film and entertainment industry published letters, threatening to boycott work in Atlanta if the ban was enacted, and more than 6,000 Georgians signed a petition urging Gov. Kemp to veto the bill. This is part of an alarming national trend of abortion bans. According to the 2019 State Abortion Restriction Snapshot, nearly half of all abortion restrictions introduced in state legislatures are bans of one type or another. In fact, there’s been a 63% spike in six-week abortion bans compared to last year, as of March. Georgia is just one of 32 states to introduce abortion bans this year as part of a national strategy to outlaw safe, legal abortion. This is despite widespread support for abortion access and Roe v. Wade.

Governor Brian Kemp
Governor Brian Kemp

Statement by Staci Fox,

President and CEO,

Planned Parenthood


“I have one message for Governor Kemp: We’ll see you in court. And to the Georgia lawmakers who supported this legislation: you were right to be nervous about voting for House Bill 481. We warned you. If you choose to vote against women’s rights, we’ll be voting against you in the next election. We’re putting lawmakers on notice: your votes are far outside the mainstream and we will now spend our time and energy launching a campaign to replace you. That work begins now. The people of this state stood up and spoke out against this draconian legislation and our lawmakers chose not to listen. Now we are mobilizing and we are coming for their seats. They will be held accountable for playing politics with women’s health.

Most importantly, to our patients: Our doors are still open. We are committed to providing the compassionate, nonjudgmental health care you deserve, and that includes safe, legal abortion.”

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