Governor Announces Launch of Together Rx Access For Georgia Card

Cards improve prescription access for more than 1.6 million uninsured Georgians

ATLANTA – Today Governor Sonny Perdue and Together Rx Access announced the launch of the Together Rx Access® FOR GEORGIA Card to help eligible uninsured Georgians gain access to immediate and meaningful savings on prescription medicines and products right at the pharmacy counter. The FOR GEORGIA Card is the first state-specific Together Rx Access Card, offering cardholders the same savings as the regular Together Rx Access Card.

“Access to affordable prescriptions will help Georgians take better care of their health and the health of their families,” said Governor Sonny Perdue. “Georgia is proud to be the first state in the nation to embark on this important journey with a program that is doing great work to improve access to prescription medications for uninsured people around the country.”

The co-promotion fully opens the state’s communication and outreach avenues to reach more uninsured Georgians throughout the state. The co-promotion costs nothing to the state while having the potential to help thousands of residents access the medicines they need to take care of what’s most important…their health.

As part of their missions to improve the health of Georgians, the Georgia Department of Community Health and Georgia Department of Human Resources will begin reviewing policies and methods to inform Georgia residents who may qualify for the card of its benefits. In 2005, Governor Perdue praised the initial launch of Together Rx Access, calling the program a great example of the private sector stepping forward, in partnership with the state, to meet the health needs of low-income Georgians. Currently, nearly 60,000 Georgia residents have enrolled in Together Rx Access. Those in Georgia who have used the Together Rx Access Card have saved $3.5 million on their prescription medicines. About 10,000 uninsured people enroll for the card every week nationwide.

“This unique co-promotion marks a significant milestone for Together Rx Access and opens the door to better prescription access for many more uninsured people across the state of Georgia,” said Roba Whiteley, Executive Director of Together Rx Access. “We are grateful for the tremendous program support of Governor Perdue and hope this partnership encourages many other states to follow Georgia’s lead in reaching out to residents in need with available resources.”

The Together Rx Access FOR GEORGIA Card will have the same look as the standard Together Rx Access Card, except for the words FOR GEORGIA in the lower right hand corner. These words will signify a Georgia resident’s participation in this co-promotion.

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