Goldwire Announces Candidacy for District 6 School Board Representative

Dr. Alfreda J. Goldwire
Dr. Alfreda J. Goldwire

Dr. Alfreda J. Goldwire, veteran educator and union president announced her intentions to run for School Board District 6 Representative on April 30, 2012 at 10:00am in front of the Board of Education. Dr. Goldwire moved to Savannah in 1988 and has worked as an elementary teacher at Bartow, Gadsden and Butler Elementary School.

Dr. Goldwire received her B. S. in Health, Recreation and Physical Education from Savannah State University and Middle Grades Certification from Georgia Southern University. She received her Master Degree in education from Cambridge College and a Doctorate in Religious Education from Covington Theological Seminary.

Prior to moving to Savannah, Dr. Goldwire served as Program Director for Senior Citizens with the West Philadelphia Mental Health Consortium and Philadelphia Corporation for the Aging. She was also a Physical Education teacher at Sheppard Elementary School with the School District of Philadelphia.

Dr. Goldwire believes in providing quality educational opportunities for everyone. She is committed to making certain that the Savannah Chatham County School System is fair, accessible, and dedicated to all its children, its employees and the parents of the children who attend school each day. Dr. Goldwire knows that communication is critical, and it is her goal to include all workers in the processes and decisions made by the Chatham County Board of Education. She understands that children are our most important asset, and the school system employees have a point of view into the challenges the children face and can bring new ideas into the problem-solving process. Their voices should be heard.

Dr. Goldwire is married to retired Air Force Master Sergeant Freddie Goldwire. They have five adult children.

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